Slot Myths

Slot Myths

It seems that gamblers are always looking for an extra edge.

This is completely understandable but leads many players into making big, expensive mistakes thinking that they are playing in a way that will enhance or guarantee their chances of winning.

Slot myths fall into two basic categories: myths about non-existent winning systems and myths about the machines, the casinos, and especially the next spin.

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Slot Gambling Systems

Once and for all, we should be able to dispel the idea that there is a way to improve your chances at winning at the slots. There is no such system! Each spin of the slot machine is governed by the Random Number Generator (RNG). This device was invented to guarantee honesty in gambling. It is used online in every game, from blackjack to video poker, craps, roulette-you name it. The RNG lets you play with full confidence that the game is totally aboveboard, that the casino is not cheating you in any way.

But this very important confidence builder means that there can never be a winning system in slots because every spin is completely distinct, unrelated to the previous spin or the following spin or any history of spins made on that machine.

Myths about Slot Machines

  • What we said above about systems does not mean that all machines are created equal! The RNG is always programmed to pay out less than 100%. The range of payouts can vary from 85% in some land-based casinos to 98% in some online casinos. A machine that pays out 98% still makes a substantial profit for the house.
  • It is a myth that some machines are programmed to be loose and others are programmed to be tight. Online, it is nearly impossible to do so as the industry watchdogs would expose such unfair practice and the casino would ultimately lose far more than it gained by programming one machine to pay a smaller percentage than another. In fact, online casinos publicize their payout schedules so you know in advance what you are getting for your gambling dollar.
  • It has been claimed that land-based casinos put their tight slots near poker or blackjack tables so those players will be less distracted by the noise of a win at the slot machine. Nonsense! There is a lot of background noise in any lively casino so players who have to concentrate simply learn to tune out the noise.
  • It is a giant myth that a machine is "due". Every spin is completely random!
  • It is a very expensive myth that the best machines to play are the ones with the highest progressive jackpots. These machines often advertise payouts of 98%! But, it takes a large percentage of each dollar gambled to "feed" the progressive jackpot. This ultimately leaves a smaller percentage for payouts for regular wins. So, if a machine advertises a high payout, it might mean including progressive jackpots!
  • A big myth is that betting with slot cards wins less than with real coins. Since players who use slot cards are entitled to many extras, it wouldn't surprise us if this myth was started by the casinos themselves! Most industry watchdogs openly encourage players to use slot cards specifically because they entitle players to many extras!
  • It is a myth that casino operators can push a "jackpot button" to award selected players.
  • It is an ironic myth that you win more when you play one coin only. In reality, if you are about to get really lucky, you will win more by playing more coins. If you are about to get unlucky, you will lose less quickly when you play one coin! Maybe playing one coin will give you time to change your luck!
  • A relatively recent myth is that you win more on an old-fashioned pull machine rather than a modern push-button machine.


Slots are popular because you can win big for a very small investment and because they are just entertaining. If you remember that slots are a fun way to gamble with the additional chance to hit it big if you're very lucky, then you will not fall prey to the many myths that have developed around them.

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