Team Bingo

Team Bingo

Bingo has always been known for its social advantages, and team bingo is just one element of the community feel for this game. But while it’s great to sit playing bingo in a bingo hall – whether physical or virtual – with other players, at the end of the day, it’s down to you and your bingo tickets against everyone else. Team bingo was created so that players could try and beat their opponents in a team. The great feeling of belonging to a team while playing your favorite game, and winning prizes as part of that team, adds an entirely different angle to bingo.

In recent years, team bingo has been adopted by many online bingo sites as a variant to their regular fare of games. It is certainly not difficult to find sites nowadays that offer team bingo. Players can join up with an existing team at the online bingo site with a little help from the customer support team, or they can create their own team by joining with people they know such as family, friends, co-workers, etc.

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How Team Bingo Works

The concept of team bingo may vary from site to site, but generally, the idea is the same. A team usually consists of at least three players (with a maximum number also dictated by the online bingo site). Players contact customer support to inform them about their team, and then continue to play bingo as they usually would by purchasing tickets and trying to call bingo to win a prize. The main difference is that now whenever a player on a team gets a bingo, that win is recorded. Statistics are listed and at the end of the month, the points are counted and, for example,the top ten teams win prizes. Prizes could be in the form of cash, gifts or loyalty points, depending on the site being played at. Team players collectively share the amount of cash, points or prizes won.

Players can change teams if they so wish, but most online bingo sites don’t allow changeovers in the middle of the month and players need to wait until the end of the month to do so.

The Advantages of Team Bingo

Team Bingo has many advantages and is growing in popularity among online bingo players. The main advantage is of course its social element, allowing players to continue with their usual playing patterns, but still feel part of a team. This feeling of belonging is especially important in an online setting, where physical contact between other players is nonexistent.

Players can let their imaginations run wild when playing Team Bingo. They can choose quirky names for the team, using monikers for all team members to increase the team feel.

Another huge advantage is that players don’t have to do anything special in order to win prizes at the end of the month – all they need to do is play their regular games, and they can still win prizes, and benefit from the luck and success of all their team members!

Many online casinos encourage team bingo by running unique promotions that are open only to teams. They provide prizes for the most original name, the highest success rate and the most games played.


For players who can’t get enough of the social element of online bingo, team bingo is definitely a must for them. The feeling of belonging to a group where everyone’s success benefits the individual is a great one, especially when you consider the fantastic prizes usually put up for grabs by online bingo sites.

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