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Throughout most parts of Europe, country after country have been passing and updating legislation related to gambling. Not only are land-based casinos popping up all over the continent, but many countries are also legalizing online gambling.

What this has done is create great opportunities for businesses to become part of a fast growing industry with a little innovation and creativity. At Xatronix, the company has come together to develop gaming terminals for land-based casinos and bet shops. In the process, they have also been able to convert these games into an online casino gaming format.

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The Company

Xatronics hails from the area of Österreich, Austria. By developing an environment where creative mathematicians and game designers are free to come together and develop innovative casino games, the company feels it is poised to make major contributions within the industry in the near future.

While the company has only been in business for just under two years, they seem to have made decent inroads, especially in the gaming terminal market. They have not yet developed enough product to make a big charge into the industry, but the games they have developed seem to have quality. For now, the company is intent on developing the company's game development process, building a solid reputation within the industry and creating a great work environment for its employees.

The Software

Based on information provided by the company's website, Xatronic has taken the approach that casino game development starts with the math. From there, they place a great deal of emphasis on developing games using the latest game development technology. By looking at the games currently being offered, it is clear the company takes great pride in creating the total gaming experience.

This is evident by the designer's use of technology to create an interesting array of both video and audio features to go along with top of the line graphics. The games should be easily integrated with other software platforms that will allow players to access games via download and instant-play mode.

The Games

In mid-2014, Kajot Casino became one of the first online casinos to offers games provided by Xatronic. All three games are video slots with two of them modelled after classic slots and the last one being a 5-reel game with multiple pay-lines, a Wild symbol, Scatter symbol and multipliers.

None of these games offer anything in the way of bonus features, but when all is said and done, the graphics are clean and the company looks like they have a sense of direction. The three game titles are Lucky Pearl, Hot Factor and Joker Plus II.

And guess what, you can sample all of them right on the software’s official site in Demo. As you play, feel free to familiarise with the rest of the information about their creations that are readily available there as well.

While their site is fairly small, they have an extensive and regularly updated News section where you can find more what they’re up to and when are they going to release any new titles to which casinos.


Xatronic is an Austrian iGaming developer just like one of the world’s biggest Novomatic Group. By nurturing their employees they are able to offer not only video slots but system software, database engineering, software architecture with the rest of the tools for a successful product and service.

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